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Singing in a group, a good way to gain confidence

Group lessons are a great way to gain confidence in your ability to sing and meet people in a friendly manner.

In addition, the technical elements or learning of one of the participants are also opportunities to strengthen self-knowledge and vocal abilities for each participant.

Group lessons are organized in small groups of 6 participants maximum in order to give everyone the opportunity to perform an individual piece and be coached during the class.

Moreover, subscription plans allow you to choose the time slot in which you participate and to change it according to your commitments, as long as it is valid.

No more “losing” a class because you were sick, had to take care of your children or had an important meeting at your workplace.

In addition, twice a year, participants have the possibility of presenting a piece during a “student concert” which their family and friends can come and attend.

How does a course take place?

Classes begin with group warm-ups in order to build confidence.wake up your body and your voice. These warm-ups are always fun, fun and a good way to relax, far from the stress and worries of everyday life. 

Each participant in turn performs the piece they wish to work on.
We then discussyour goal(s)

- perhaps it is a difficulty in reaching certain notes

- difficulty controlling your breathing on certain sentences

- difficulty pronouncing words in rhythm

- a desire to make the piece your own and sing it “in your own way”

- or prepare for an audition or a competition


Together we make a statement of:

- what works well (which allows you to identify your foundations and build on them)

- what needs to be improved

So, everyone becomes aware of what you have learned And see obstacles as opportunities to evolve.

Once the objective is defined, I use my knowledge to free your voice and fully enjoy the pleasure of singing. I provide precise advice and techniques in order to overcome or circumvent the difficulty.

The participant interprets again the precise moment of the piece which represents an obstacle and observes the changes. Once these are more concrete and more positive, he performs the entire song again so he can measure his progress.

Before taking leave, we will review and validate your learning during this session.

Questions ?

You will certainly find answers to your questions on the FAQ page.

However, if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form found later on this page.

Looking forward to meeting you and discovering your voice soon!

Singers having fun

How are the lessons structured ?

Fabrice Yde gives a singing lesson
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