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  • How can I ask additional questions? ❓
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to use the form on the contact page. You can also reach me via my social networks. I am here to answer all your questions.
  • What do these singing lessons offer? 🎵
    Individual lessons offer personalized support to improve vocal technique, interpretation , and stress management. They are designed to allow rapid and sustainable progress.
  • Can I take a trial lesson? 👋
    Absolutely! It is possible to book a trial lesson on the appropriate page.
  • How do the lessons take place? 🕒
    Each class begins with breathing exercises and vocalizations to prepare the body and voice. The objective is discussed, then you sing your piece. Then, together we analyze the strengths and areas for improvement, and you receive specific advice and techniques.
  • Can I choose which pieces to work on? 🎼
    Absolutely. In addition to the pieces worked on during the course, the session ends with a song of your choice, sung "for pleasure".
  • How often do classes tale place? 📅
    The frequency of classes is flexible and depends on your needs and availability. The decision to repeat another session is always yours.
  • How is my progress assessed? ✔️
    During the lesson, after working on the difficulties identified, you perform the piece again to measure the changes. The process is repeated for as many pieces as time allows, allowing for continuous assessment of your progress. There is no regular assessment or end-of-year audition.
  • How do I add a new question/answer?
    To add a new question/answer, follow these steps: 1. From the Dashboard or Editor, click the “Manage FAQ” button. 2. Click “Add”, then select “Question/Answer”. 3. Choose a category for your question/answer. 4. Save and publish. You can edit your FAQ at any time.
  • How do I edit or remove the “Frequently Asked Questions” title?
    From the Editor, go to the “Settings” tab of the FAQ. From the Wix Owner app, go to the Site & App tab.
  • Are there any public performance opportunities? 🎉
    Yes, twice a year you have the opportunity to present a piece during a "student concert" where your family and friends can attend.
  • Can I add an image, video or GIF to my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media, follow these steps: 1. From the Dashboard or Editor, click the “Manage FAQ” button. 2. Create a new question/answer or edit an existing one. 3. In the response text box, click the Video, Image, or GIF icon. 4. Add the media from your library then save.
  • How can I register for these courses? ✍️
    Go to the "Reserve" page. Select the course of your choice. You will then be redirected to the course calendar. Choose the slot that suits you, make payment and your course is reserved! You will receive a confirmation by email.
  • What happens if I have particular difficulties? 🤔
    We'll discuss the specific difficulties you're having, whether it's hitting certain notes, breath management, pronunciation, or preparing for an audition . Customized solutions will be offered to help you overcome these challenges.
  • Is it possible to do a trial lesson? 🙄
    Of course! Whether for group lessons for adults, kids or teenagers, it is possible to do a trial lesson before committing. You will find more information on the "Book" page.
  • How many people can participate in a group class? 👥
    Courses are organized in small groups of 6 participants maximum. This allows everyone to benefit from personalized accompaniment and the opportunity to sing individually.
  • How to register for group lessons? ✍️
    Go to the "Book" page, choose the slot(s) that suit you, the subscription plan that meets your needs and That's it ! You will receive confirmation by email of receipt of your reservation and payment.
  • Are there any performances on the program? 🎉
    Yes, twice a year, participants have the opportunity to present a piece during a "student concert", to which family and friends are invited.
  • How is progress measured? 📈
    After working on specific points, the participant reperforms the piece to observe improvements. Progress is measured throughout the course through ongoing assessments. There is no end-of-year evaluation or audition.
  • Is participation in the group course flexible? ⏰
    With subscription plans, you can choose the time slot that suits you best and modify it according to your personal and professional commitments.
  • How often do classes take place? 📆
    Group lessons are held weekly, outside of school holidays.
  • How can I ask additional questions? ❓
    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form on the appropriate page.
  • What are the advantages of group lessons? 🤝
    Group lessons are the ideal solution for vocal development, gaining confidence and meeting friendly people. They offer a unique opportunity to share learning and improve vocal skills in a group.
  • How does a typical course take place? 🕒
    Classes begin with fun warm-ups to prepare the body and voice. Then, each participant performs the piece of their choice and receives personalized coaching.
  • What happens if I miss a class? ❌
    Don't worry if you miss a class due to illness, family or work obligations. The flexibility of subscriptions allows you to recover missed classes, as long as you have canceled your participation 24 hours in advance.< /span>
  • What types of difficulties are addressed during the lessons? 🚧
    I help you tackle various challenges such as reaching certain notes, managing your breathing, pronouncing the lyrics in rhythm, and personalizing the interpretation of a piece.
  • Comment les progrès sont-ils mesurés ? 📈
    After working on specific aspects, you reinterpret the piece to observe improvements. This process is repeated for different songs, allowing for continuous assessment of your progress.
  • How do we prepare for an online session? 📝
    Before each session, we define together the best approach based on your objectives. You will receive a questionnaire to clarify your requests and will be able to share the pieces you wish to work on as well as a reference recording.
  • What happens at the end of the course? 🎵
    The class ends with a free performance of your choice, "for fun". We then validate together what we have learned from the session.
  • Where to find answers to other questions❓
    For more information, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form available on the site.
  • How does an online course work? 🕒
    Before class, you receive instructions and a video to warm up. During the session we work on selected aspects of your singing, such as technique, interpretation and stress management.
  • What types of difficulties are addressed during the lessons? 🚧
    We can work on a variety of difficulties, such as hitting certain notes, managing breathing, improving diction, personalizing the performance of a piece, or preparing for an audition.
  • How to ensure an effective session despite connection problems? 🔗
    To avoid wasted time due to possible communication issues, all important information is shared before the session, including connection details and instructions for preparation.
  • How many sessions are needed? 🔄
    The decision to take another session is always yours. You can schedule the sessions according to your pace and needs.
  • Are online courses effective? 💻
    Absolutely! Online courses are a very effective way to start or continue your vocal learning, allowing you to benefit from professional advice despite the distance.
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