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Fabrice Yde gives a course

Do online courses really work?

The answer is Yes !​

Online courses are an effective way to start or continue your learning, to benefit from my advice and my know-how, even if distance is an obstacle.

Depending on your situation and your objectives, we define in advance the best way to proceed so that the session brings you complete satisfaction.

You may want to improve your technical(accuracy, placement, breathing, etc.), your interpretation(intention, emotions,...) or even better to manage stress ?

This is why you receive a questionnaire before the initial session allowing you to:
1. define your request

2. to communicate the links to the pieces on which you wish to progress

3. share a recording (audio or video) serving as a starting point for the session

So, no risk of wasting time while connecting if communication problems should arise.

How does a course take place?

Before the scheduled appointment, you will receive several information:

- login details for your online course

- instructions for preparing for your session

- video allowing you to warm up your body and voice before or at the start of the session

Among your requests, there is certainly one of the following aspects:

- difficulty reaching certain notes in a piece

- a problem with breathing management on certain sentences

- a lack of speed in pronouncing certain sentences

- the desire to make a piece your own

- prepare for an audition or competition


So many reasons to discover solutions that will help you free your voice and fully enjoy the pleasure of singing.

Then you sing your piece. Together we make a statement of:

- what works well (which allows you to identify your foundations and build on them)

- what needs to be improved

So you become aware of your achievements And see obstacles as opportunities to evolve.

I provide you with precise advice and techniques in order to overcome or circumvent the difficulty.

You replay the specific moment in the song that represents an obstacle and observe the changes.

Once these are more concrete and more positive, you perform the entire song again so you can measure your progress.

We repeat this process for as many pieces as time allows.

Finally, the course ends with the performance of a song of your choice “for fun”.

Before taking leave, we will review and validate your learning during the session.

The decision to book another session is always yours.

Questions ?

You will certainly find answers to your questions on the FAQ page.

However, if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form found later on this page.

Looking forward to meeting you and discovering your voice soon!

A singer facing a microphone in front of her computer

How are the lessons structured ?

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