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Free your Voice

Free your Life

Sing like you are!

I am Fabrice Yde, your vocal coach, passionate about singing and devoted to help you enjoy expressing yourself through your voice.

I dream of a world where everyone feels free to sing when he wants, where he wants and how he wants, without fear of judgment.

To achieve this, I propose a framework whose key words areFun, Audacity and Kindness.

Fabrice Yde - Vocal Coach

Who am I ?

J'ai énormément apprécié son accueil chaleureux, sa manière de mettre tout le monde à l'aise, son humour mais aussi sa pédagogie et sa façon de nous faire progresser dans le chant.

Ayoko M.

​J'ai trouvé un artisan de de la musique un orfèvre de l'apprentissage

Denis B.

Je recommande fortement d'apprendre la musique avec Fabrice ! C'est un professeur très charismatique, il donne de bons exemples si on ne comprend pas quelque chose.

Irma O.

My approach finds its foundations in the "Complete Vocal Technique", developed by Cathrine Sadolin. This scientific method offers step-by-step instructions for singing in any style without pain or strain. By applying these fundamental principles to each lesson, every singer, whatever their level, can interpret new technical principles with ease and comfort. This revolutionary technique deserves your full attention. Find out how I can help you sing with freedom and confidence.

The Complete Vocal Technique: a solid and effective foundation

Understanding and adapting to diverse learning styles is at the heart of the innovative approach I advocate. Personalizing singing instruction to meet the unique needs of each singer, whether visual, auditory, logical, kinesthetic or creative, is fundamental to me. This personalization allows for better assimilation of vocal techniques and a richer, more tailored learning experience. Freeing your voice also means for me harmonizing the teaching of singing with these varied learning styles, thus guaranteeing precise understanding and progression adapted to each person.

Courses that adapt to you and your learning style

The method I propose is actually a playful and fulfilling experience. My three key values are Fun, Audacity and Kindness. Whether in individual or group lessons, in person or online, for children and adults, each session is an ode to the voice, an ode to joy. My objective ? Ensuring that, at the end fo each session, you leave with the feeling of having enjoyed singing, of having learned something new and of being valued. Joining the courses I offer means freeing your voice and, by extension, enriching your life.

An environment that is favorable for fostering learning to sing

Free Your Voice: a unique approach

72% of participants in singing lessons are women
Adults are the most numerous in group lessons
On average, participants take 4 individual lessons to achieve their goals

Online lessons are a modern and practical solution for those looking to learn or perfect their singing, regardless of their location. With careful preparation including a pre-session questionnaire, preparation instructions and warm-up videos, these courses are designed to maximize the effectiveness of each session. They are perfect for working on a variety of goals, from technical improvement to audition preparation. The flexibility of online lessons means you can continue to progress in your singing, regardless of time or distance constraints. Each session is a step towards mastering your voice, with personalized advice and follow-up tailored to your individual needs.

Online Courses: 

flexible and efficient learning

Group lessons are an exceptional opportunity to develop your vocal confidence while benefiting from the energy and dynamics of a group.Limited to 6 participants, these classes offer the perfect balance of individual attention and group interaction. Whether you want to work on specific technical difficulties or simply gain comfort, the caring atmosphere and personalized coaching are ideal for progress. In addition, the flexibility of subscription plans allows you to adapt the courses to your busy schedule. Twice a year, student concerts provide a valuable stage to share your learnings with family and friends, celebrating your progress and that of your classmates.

Group Classes: a dynamic and supportive environment

The individual lessons that I offer are an ideal path for rapid and lasting progress in singing.Tailored to your personal goals, whether improving technique, interpretation or stress management, these courses offer personalized learning and concrete results. Each lesson begins with breathing exercises and vocalizations, followed by targeted work on the chosen pieces. By identifying what's working well and what needs improvement, I help you evolve and overcome vocal obstacles. Twice a year, you will even have the opportunity to present a piece during a “student concert”.

Individual Classes: personalized support

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